June Favorites

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June isn’t over yet, but I’ve discovered a whole lot of new “stuff” this month that I don’t know how I lived without! Here are some of my new favorites from June.

Now Almond Oil – My roommate uses this and I was curious, so he let me try it. My face was so dewey and had such a great glow, and soothed the mini-sunburn I started to develop. I expected it to be greasy, but it wasn’t.

Received from InfluensterI received the Luster Now Instant whitening toothpaste to review from Influenster, and it’s billed as providing “instant whitening after just one use.” I didn’t really buy into it – but I did have whiter teeth after one brushing! I’ve used it at least once a day since the first time I got it and while the initial “OMG!” of it has worn off, they are getting progressively whiter. This would be a great toothpaste to wear on special occasions like engagement photos, a wedding, or even a special date. Here’s my “before and after” comparison:

luster now teeth

Learning Spanish and brushing up my German are two things that are on my 30 Before 30 list. My friends started talking about this app they were using to learn French, so I checked it out. Duolingo offers five different language pods (German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portugese) and I’m totally obsessed with it – I could just sit at my desk all day going through lessons. If you use Duolingo on your computer or iOS device, let’s be friends!

Trader Joe’s PB&J Chocolate Bar – I was always intrigued by this at check out and thought it would Trader Joe's PB&J barbe gross. Last time I was in, I thought I’d pick it up as a little treat. The cashier said that they’re really good and he’s addicted to them – and he was right. It was SO good. There’s a lot of sugar in it and I felt pretty hopped up after I ate it, but I love chocolate/peanut butter, and the texture of the raspberry jam was a nice addition.

sports nightI caught up on Scandal and fell in LOVE with Joshua Malina and decided that I needed to watch his entire filmography, which led me to Sports Night. This 1998-2000 Aaron Sorkin show is definitely one of my favorites of all time – I watched the entire series in four days. The Jeremy/Natalie relationship is just perfect, it has great writing, great casting – the only bad thing about it is that it lasted only two seasons. (I actually got deeply, deeply invested in this show and went spiralling into depression when I finished the series.)

What have you been digging this month? Have you ever seen the perfection that is Sports Night?