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{Review} The Runnerbox

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I received a free product for review. All opinions are my own.

Runnerbox review

I have been eyeing Runnerbox for awhile now, annoying their social media team with questions, and always on the hunt for discount codes. I was finally lucky enough to win one to review on the blog!

runnerbox wrapping

It came wrapped so cute with this little bow! I’m a sucker for details like that. If you’re a new runner like me, here’s a quick overview of Runnerbox: they’re a bi-monthly subscription service (think Birchbox for athletes.) For $20, every two months they send you a box filled to the brim with goodies to try. They also feature a gluten free Runnerbox and the Tribox, with samples for triathletes in training. I’m not going to review every single product that was included (because there were a lot!), but here are my hits and misses:

runnerbox unboxing

  • Run Guard – I think this was the thing I was most excited to try. I’d been meaning to buy some for a really long time (I’d been looking at a different brand) but I love that Run Guard is Michigan-based as well. As a big girl I always got chub rub and while it has tapered off greatly lately, I was still scared to run. I used this the day after I tore open my box and it. Is. Awesome. Seriously. In addition to the gym, I’m also using it when I wear dresses to alleviate the discomfort and friction that sometimes goes on down there.
  • Pure Protein – I nommed on this protein bar while I was out running errands one day. Full disclosure: I’ve always been turned off by this brand because their graphics are a little over the top, but it was really good and super satisfying.
  • Nuun – this was another thing I was excited to try. I’ve tried the pink lemonade one so far and it was great after an early morning workout session. The taste wasn’t overpowering and since there’s no sugar, I didn’t have the “buzzy” feeling I get from Powerade and other sports drinks.

IMG_9429eNuun hydration, The Shower Pill, Pure Protein bar, Run Guard, Hyland’s Leg Cramps, Pro Bar Bolt gummies, Kind bar, Island Boost gel, Sensible Foods crunch snacks, Honey Stinger energy bar, Lenny & Larry’s Muscle Brownie, Click espresso powder, & Ion designs

I had hoped to score some socks (I know they often include socks, so I’d hoped to get lucky) or more headbands (I’m addicted,) but I am really really happy with what was in this box. There’s definitely over $20 of value here, and a lot of variety. I’m excited to try the Muscle Brownie, Pro Bar gummies, and crunch snacks next!

Given that I’ve just signed up for a half-marathon and love to support Michigan companies, I will likely order at least two more boxes. They are bi-monthly, so I should receive the second one right before the half.

Runnerbox provided me with a box to review. All opinions are my own.