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What’s in My Bag: {Gym Edition!}

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what's in my bag

As I’ve said, I love “what’s in my bag” posts. I’ve seen a lot of what’s in my bag gym posts lately and thought I would show off my own! There’s nothing fancy or that anyone else doesn’t have and I don’t have particularly fancy organization (this girl has crazy organization and I’m jealous!), but this is what the inside of mine contains:

what's in my bag - gym

  • Bathing suit & swim goggles: I picked up a Speedo Flipturns suit at Dick’s a few months ago for $15. What a steal – it was originally priced $70! I keep this suit and a pair of goggles in my bag even though swimming hasn’t been a huge part of my training lately (but I think after physical therapy, it’s going to be :/) This is the first real training suit I’ve purchased since high school and I’ve been doing water aerobics classes for the last year in regular one-pieces. When it was time to retire the last one, I decided it was time to invest.
  • RunGuard: I got a trial size in my Runnerbox and I’m obsessed with this stuff. Definitely must have it with me at all times.
  • KT Tape: My love of this stuff has been well-documented, and it’s stashed away everywhere: my gym bag, my work desk, nightstand…
  • Extra pairs of underwear and socks: I’ve had too many mornings where, when getting ready at the gym, I’ve found myself having packed my whole day’s outfit… sans underwear. Ditto for after-work sessions without socks.
  • Morning essentials: Since I get ready for work at the gym, my entire morning routine is in here from shower products (corralled in a Blue Avocado zip bag that I also pack on vacations) to my toothbrush and every hair product you can imagine. I use Aveda Smooth Infusion on days I wear it pretty straight and on curly days, I use a cocktail of mousse, Aussie Sprunch, and gel.
  • Extra pouch of SweatyBands and earbuds: I keep a cheap pair of earbuds in case I forget my good ones – they don’t fit my ears too well, though. And I keep two extra Sweatys bundled with them in another Blue Avocado zipped pouch.
  • Neutrogena Face Wipes: I use these post-workout to get the sweat off my face and neck. I’ve been having bad acne lately (which I’ve never had in my life!) and I’m thinking it’s because I was letting the sweat just sit. Gross, but true.
  • Power Bar Energy Gel Chews: These are filled with sugar (36g!) but I guess that’s the point. I keep a couple pouches in here and eat two or three chews if I feel low on energy or forget to eat some granola on the way out of the house in the morning.
  • BlenderBottle SportMixer: this isn’t pictured because I was drinking out of it while taking photos 🙂 but this goes with me everywhere. I tend to drink at least 110oz of water a day. Yesterday, I didn’t, and I can definitely feel it today.

Something that I hope will soon be in my bag is this cute Go Long crew from Albion Fit. I love the pool color of it and I’m obsessed with thumbholes. Use discount code northerngirl10 at Albion Fit check-out to save $10 off any order through June 17!

What your gym must-have? Do you carry a gym bag with you, or are you a strict home-gymmer?