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Tune Tuesday: Getting My Run On

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I signed up for the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon in Cleveland, so I’ve started to mentally compile some songs I’ll be rocking on race day. This Tune Tuesday features three of my first picks (though honestly one of the best parts of the last race was all the old songs that came up on shuffle)!

Lana del Rey, Off to the Races “And I’m off to the races, cases of Bacardi chasers, chasing me all over town ’cause he knows I’m wasted”

Tallest Man on Earth, 1904 “And the only one you will tell it to is the only one who will ever know and some will say it’s not even healthy but body is young, and mind is sure”

The Hold Steady, Stay Positive “I got a lot of old friends that are getting back in touch and it’s a pretty good feeling, yeah it feels pretty good. I get a lot of double-takes when I’m coming around the corners and it’s mostly pretty nice, yeah it’s mostly pretty alright”

I’ve been working hard for the past three years to make “Stay Positive” my life’s theme song, and I think it’s finally starting to stick! What jams do you listen to on long runs?