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I Signed Up for a Half-Marathon… Help

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National Running Day was yesterday, and it was my rest day after three days of working hard. (Gotta win this June Dietbet :)) I had really wanted to participate and planned to run after work, but I chose to listen to my achey body and give it some rest. All day I saw companies posting deals for National Running Day, and one in particular taunted me: $20 off a Rock ‘n Roll race. I knew following Flying Pig that I wanted to run a half-marathon, but thought it would be the runDisney event in November. It sold out in like a week, of course. The Rock ‘n Roll series is another that has lit my fire just like Flying Pig did and I intended to sign up for the Cleveland event in October anyway, so last night after I got home from work…

half marathon signup

No backing out now, I guess! I chose Cleveland because it’s near-ish to Sixx, has several airports that are close and cheap to fly into, I’m more likely to get friends and family to come at least watch since it’s close to home… and secretly, by October, I’m hoping to live back up north.

I am nervous as heck because I signed up solo – my partner in running crime will be at her brother’s wedding that weekend, and I don’t know if I can convince anyone else that this is a good idea for them (even though there is SO MUCH TIME TO TRAIN between now and then!)

My current to-do list for the race:

  • Read. I want to do a lot of reading about racing and training and staying healthy and all that.
  • Learn how to properly stretch. Especially with my IT band problems, I want to try to prevent injury as much as possible. I know that I struggle particularly in this area – mostly because I’m not really sure how or what to do.
  • Find a fun outfit!! In my current Arrested Development obsession (if you follow me on Twitter, you know what I mean) I’ve already considered blue-ing myself or finding a matching set of denim-printed capris and sports bras to run as a never-nude.
  • Map out a training plan – I think I’m going to use the runDisney one.
  • Map out running routes – the city I live in now is VERY runner friendly and there’s a fantastic local running shop. I need to stop back in to see if they can help find some inserts for the new shoes I got, and want to see if there are any training groups I can start meeting up with.
  • Sign up for three more races: I want to do the Mini-Marathon at the Rock ‘n Roll race here, a 7k in Cincinnati, as well as a four-miler in town.
  • Figure out a nutrition plan

So what do you think? What am I thinking? If you have run a half-marathon or anything longer than a 5k (my longest distance to date!) what would you suggest or tell me? Any must-read blogs or magazines? HELP ME!!!