Tune Tuesday: Lana Del Rey

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Okay. I went to see The Great Gatsby a few weeks ago (loved it, loved it, you must see it on the big screen, want it to be my life, etc.) I bought the soundtrack as soon as I got home and loved the haunting main single, “Young & Beautiful,” by Lana Del Rey. I’d never paid too much attention to her and had probably never heard a song by her until then but friends: I. AM. OBSESSED. Her videos are as cinematic as her songs, I love her 90’s style, and her lyrics are crazy relatable for me. I hate that I was sleeping on her for so long.

“Summertime Sadness” cruisin’ down the coast goin’ ’bout 99, got my bad baby by my heavenly side. I know if I go, I’ll die happy tonight. nothing scares me anymore. kiss me hard before you go, I got that summertime sadness

“Ride” I hear the birds on the summer breeze, I drive fast, I am alone in the night. been tryin’ hard not to get into trouble, but I’ve got a war in my mind, so I just ride

“Video Games” it’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you everything I do. I tell you all the time: heaven is a place on earth with you. tell me all the things you wanna do. I heard that you like the bad girls, honey, is that true? it’s better than I ever even knew

June 4, 2013
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    […] I really pride myself on being in the know with music and very active in discovering new artists before they hit, but I admit that this one is someone I really slept on and missed the bandwagon. Lana Del Rey is potentially still best known for an SNL performance a few years ago, but if that’s the only exposure you’ve had to her, you are missing out for sure. In honor of her new single release yesterday and in desperate anticipation of the next album coming soon, she’s the subject of another Tune Tuesday post. (For more Lana, check out last summer’s post on her!) […]

    April 15, 2014 at 7:00 am
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