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What’s In My Bag – Memorial Day in Michigan

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Tonight I’m getting on a plane for a long-overdue and much awaited trip back to the north! I travel a lot and have gotten packing for trips down to a pretty fine art. I can pack for a week in just my rolling luggage and whatever purse I’m bringing at the time. This time I am checking a bag full of winter-type things that I don’t need here in anticipation of moving again (plus there’s no room in my new place for them.) This is what’s in my bag to keep me entertained throughout the flight!

kate spade Tequila is Not My Friend terry – The purse I’m carrying is a gift from a friend! I wanted it so badly and it showed up on my doorstep one day. Love.

My iPad – self explanatory. This has reduced the bulk of my travel bag since I don’t have to carry my laptop, iPod, DVD and/or books anymore, and it’s awesome. If I was bringing music or DVDs with me on this trip, it would be Glee and ER.

Trashy magazines – this time I have a direct flight, but usually if I connect in Detroit or Chicago, the second leg isn’t long enough to turn on electronics. I always tuck a few in to flip through on that leg.

Wallet – it’s a melony pink soft leather wallet from Aldo. I already dread the day that this falls apart.

Vera Bradley Mocha Rouge Medium Cosmetic Bag – holds lipstick, lotion, hand sanitizer, my inhaler, just little pharmacy-type items. I also stuff my makeup into this for travel. My makeup collection and application has reduced drastically in the past few months, so I don’t really feel the need to cart an entirely separate bag for them anymore since I know I probably won’t use them. If I do need something specific, I can just stop to a Sephora or Ulta and try it out 🙂 I travel with a small sampler pot of my Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation that I keep refilling, a sample of Bare Escentuals powder, NARS Orgasm blush, and a MAC lipstick. The blush doubles as natural color for my eyes, and the liquid and powder foundations can be applied with the same brush.

A big knit scarf – in case the plane is particularly cold. I’m really sensitive to temperature, being too hot or too cold, so a thin scarf is better for me than a blanket. (Even though my feet are always negative degrees, I never bring socks. Go figure.)

KT Tape – I bring this with me everywhere now. Mostly for my tendonitis but I’ve also used it for my IT band, toe problems and runner’s knee.

Sunglasses – my current faves are a pair my mom got me at the Smithsonian in DC. They’re replicas of the ones Jackie O (my style idol) was famous for.

Snacks – Clif bars, etc. I always try not to eat in the airport but I also always give in. Hopefully the direct flight will put a stop to it this trip. I also bring a water bottle to fill after security and will probably take along some protein powder as well since it will be a long day.

Sweaty Band – obviously great for workouts, but also convenient to keep messy plane hair out of my face while on the go.

Planner – my small one goes with me everywhere. I try to keep up with my appointments on Google calendar so I get reminders on my phone, but I’m really a “write it down” kind of girl.

Colgate Wisps – there’s nothing worse than walking off the plane with nap-breath, especially since we’re headed straight to drinks from the airport. These are a must in any of my carry-ons.

I absolutely love “what’s in my bag” posts – so if you’ve done one lately, link me below! What is the most important thing for you to have at hand on the plane?