Tune Tuesday: The Great Gatsby

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Happy Tune Tuesday! I finally saw The Great Gatsby yesterday, and it was everything I wanted it to be. Definitely worth the $9 (!!!) ticket, losing four hours of moving time and having to call a friend to jump my car because I had been so excited to get into the theater I forgot to turn off my headlights. Oops! The soundtrack is as big, beautiful and haunting as the movie. I used the remainder of an iTunes gift card to buy it as soon as I got home.

Kanye West, Jay-Z, Frank Ocean “No Church in the Wild” when we die, the money we can’t keep but we probably spend it all ’cause the pain ain’t cheap

Beyonce & Andre-3000 “Back to Black” (I was so skeptical of this but it’s beautiful)
Lana Del Rey “Young & Beautiful” I’ve seen the world, done it all, had my cake now. diamonds, brilliant in Bel Air now hot summer nights, mid July when you and I were forever wild, the crazy days, city lights

Have you seen Gatbsy yet? Are you planning to?