Vacation Budget – Memorial Day in Michigan

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I’m headed back up north for a long Memorial Day vacation, and I have got to put myself on a budget or else things will get ugly quickly.

  • Airport travel: I was able to book a MEGA CHEAP fare at an airport in DC, so a friend is taking me to and picking me up from the airport. I expect her gas will be about $60 total for both trips depending on her gas mileage. Way cheaper than parking my car for six days.
  • Wednesday: I’m going to really endeavor to not give in to airport or plane food and instead just eat before I leave and pack some snacks, especially since we’re going to the bar right away. I expect to spend around $25 at the bar that night.
  • Thursday: I have a hair appointment around $80, then lunch with a friend for roughly $10. I’d love to get on the river (which would be free) but the weather forecast looks coooold. Tubing is literally the only thing I care about doing, but with a 50 degree day listed – I’m less than hopeful.
  • Friday: quiet day with my mom. Maybe we’ll get some ice cream in town or see a movie, but I just want to hang out with her. She will probably want to go shopping, and more power to her but man I have just got to stop spending money! Seems like it’s been going out faster than I’ve been making it lately.
  • Saturday: We are still undecided about the Color Me Rad 5k, but that could be $45, and then I’m off to see my college best friend. I’ll probably spend around $60 with her on our favorite sushi and drinks out (but being the old ladies we are now, we’ll probably get to the bar, have one drink, and need to go home.)
  • Sunday and Monday will be more family time, and I depart late Monday night.

I think it’s reasonable and feasible to do this on a budget under $300. I might not be very happy about it and I’ll have to skip out of some of my very favorite things about home, but that’s okay. I don’t need the calories or the stuff anyway probably.

I’m hoping to come back from this trip feeling rejuvenated, because I’ve felt lately just like I’m floundering. I’m not sure of a better way to explain it.

Do you have any long weekend plans? What’s your favorite summer activitiy?