Five Things

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I always love the little “five things” tags that go around the blogosphere. Since I’m in the process of trying to redo my “about me” page and professional bio, here are some out-of-the-box facts about me!

1. I speak German and I studied abroad in Germany for three months after I graduated from high school. I can still read and write it pretty well, but my speaking ability has gone down the tubes. I’d love to get a Rosetta Stone course or even find a foreign language club where I could practice and get it back.

2. I lived in Canada for a year in grade school and loved visiting as I grew up. My first university was three hours from the border, so you can imagine what that means. I’ve been to the Stratford Festival, many of the Toronto landmarks, and performed as an all-state band member throughout Ontario in high school. As an ESL teacher, I took two busloads of international students to Niagara Falls. It was one of the best trips of my life (and I had food that I am still thinking about, five years later) until the bus of Saudi students was detained at the border for four hours while they searched it completely.

3. I’m an only child which might not be a little known fact – I probably talk about it more than I think. But I’m my parent’s only kid, and it’s really hard for me to deal with. I was lonely all the time growing up, and losing my aunt and seeing what her daughters had to (and still are) go through regarding her estate and realizing that I’ll have to do it all alone weighs on me heavily.

4. I play bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, and many other instruments and I miss bass clarinet more than anything. (I have cried about it before. Recently.) In high school my dream job was to be a bass clarinetist on Broadway, but to get those jobs, you have to be a clarinetist. Sixteenth notes were as good as I could do, but I would love to at least rent a bass and play on my own time here. It’s like dancing, it’s one of the only thing that makes me truly happy.

5. I can name the top ten (or twelve or thirteen) finishers from season 1-11 of American Idol. In order, alphabetically, anyway you want it, that’s the way you can have it. I was madly obsessed with the show through high school and into college, and then had a few crazy summers on the season 7, 8 and 9 tours. While I hate the show in its current state, I am grateful for the connections I made, the amazingly fun nights I had, and most of all, the best friends I made.

Go to your blog and tell me 5 random facts about you! Link it in the comments so I can check it out.