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April Recap & May Goals

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Apparently I had a few April goals – who knew! I thought I was still wallowing in my leftover March self-pity. I didn’t do too terribly at them, either!

  • Find a new job nope. Not yet.
  • Buy new running shoes & break them in before Pig half pass, I went through three pair. I might finally have the right ones, but they are not going to be broken in by this weekend.
  • Give blood nope. There weren’t any that worked with my work schedule. I don’t want to give before/during work yet until I know how I will react (I haven’t been eligible to donate since high school, where I passed out. With my blood pressure as low as it has been, the last thing I want to do is sit at my desk with that kind of headache.)
  • Have a firm plan for moving pass
  • Go through my clothes, sell most & have rest ready to pack pass, though I don’t know that I’d say I sold “most” of them. I made about $100 through Poshmark sales and have three bags to go to Goodwill.
  • Do two therapy sessions half pass. I did one, but didn’t feel like I got a whole lot out of seeing that therapist, so I’m open to see another one.

That’s much better than I expected for goals I had forgotten I even made 😉

  • Finish the one-miler in less than 15 minutes (haven’t been able to run as fast with this new injury :() and the 5k in under an hour
  • Get back on my super mega debt repayment plan
  • Sell 10 things on Poshmark, eBay, craigslist, etsy, whatever
  • Move and travel cost-effectively
  • Find a bike for $100 or less
  • Grow my blog – definitely get a layout done
  • Finish my will
  • Keep looking for new job
  • Sign up for a dance class

Since we are really quiet for the summer months, I have some ambitious goals for the summer. I want to devote time to growing my blog and fostering some of my other passions that have been buried during the 60+ hour work weeks I pulled during basketball season. I’m trying not to be too overzealous in May, because I am moving and taking two weekend trips, so three of my weekends are out right away. I’m also hoping to really keep my costs down on the move – ideally spending no more than $200, including the $120 I spent on a bed. I really kind of want to get a new duvet or something, but there’s nothing really wrong with mine, so there’s no reason for it. I’m also sending a bunch of stuff back home to my parent’s house and moving a LOT of stuff out of my closet via Poshmark and Goodwill. eBay and craigslist seem like logical next steps (although I don’t really have a ton of craigslist-worthy stuff.)

I have always always wanted to dance, and the Parks & Rec department here offers adult dance classes. I’m thinking either ballet or modern dance. My dancer friend says that modern can get pretty weird, and I really want to work on my posture, so I’m leaning toward ballet. Classes one night a week for two months are $40. Ideally I’d take hip hop, but it’s only offered at a private studio and those classes are $40 each! Woof. And in keeping with tradition – still considering leaving my gym. As much as I enjoy it, the employees get more unbearable every time I go in. Sucks.

I think this is asking a lot of myself for a busy month.