Tune Tuesday: My Pen Salesman

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I’ve not been a terribly religious viewer of The Voice. A few episodes here and there, mostly when friends of mine or artists I’ve worked with have been on. (It was pretty cool to sit in a smoky bar with Juliette Simms and then, a few months later, see her almost win the show.)

This year, the passive has gone, because my first love is on the show.

It’s (maybe?) no secret that I loved American Idol for years and years. One of my first favorite contestants from all the way back in season 3 is competing on The Voice this year as part of duo Midas Whale. I could wax poetic all day about reasons I love him and how proud I am and blah blah, but just have a listen and you will love him too.

American Idol, “Jailhouse Rock” (every other one of his Idol performances have been removed from Youtube. I’m pissed.)

“Break the Silence”

The Voice, “Burning Love” (I was understandably concerned as Elvis songs haven’t treated Jon terribly well in the past ;))