Work Out

On Boston.

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I started running about seven months ago. I was a girl who grew up thinking I hated it. I was wrong, and the running blogosphere took me in and answered questions and I even followed along with some of the marathon this morning. I don’t know that I will ever run Boston, or if I will ever even have the desire to go 26.2, but I had friends who were out there. I wanted to follow them along and support from afar.

I have some idea how they feel after the trauma I went through a few years ago. I am dealing with this in my own way – and I cry for the injured, the athletes, and the witnesses. How many of them will never be able to race again, not from injury, but because of psychological trauma? How many will run without family support?

The blast was low. What if runners got their legs taken out? Less than a year in, I can’t imagine never being able to run again.

I pray for peace. I pray for healing. I pray for this go stop. I pray to hear from my best friend’s father and brother, whom we have not heard from for three hours.

Mostly, I pray for peace.