March Favorites

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March seems like such a blur to me! I didn’t get a chance to try a whole lot of new things, but here are a few of my favorites from the month.shesateaseNot Your Mother’s She’s a Tease Volumizing Hair Spray I have The Hair That Won’t Pouf, no matter what. This stuff actually gives my roots some volume! I love it. It smells pretty and the can is pink, which doesn’t hurt my love of it either.


Aladdin Insulated Mason Jar tumbler – Mom picked this up for me while she was here visiting. Mine doesn’t have the handle, which I like more. I’m totally obsessed with these because I love mason jars, it keeps my smoothies cold and frozen for at least two hours (which is way longer than my other tumbler cups,) and my only complaint is that it’s too thick to fit in my car cupholder. It did topple over in my passenger seat once, but the straw and straw hole are such a close fit that nothing even spilled. Awesome. (I also really like the thicker straw, because it lets me slurp up banana pieces. Yum!)


Midas Whale!! I have loved Jon Peter Lewis since he was just a little pen salesman on American Idol’s third season. When I say loved, I mean madly, truly, and more deeply than I will ever love anyone or anything else. So when he started posting trailers for The Voice a few weeks ago, I was excited at the promise of his handsome mug on my face every week again. He and his duet partner Ryan played “Folsom Prison Blues” and turned every judge’s chair before picking Adam as their coach. I couldn’t be happier or more proud.


Hillside Winery’s Cantina Bianca – My family and I often vacation in the Gatlinburg, TN area, and one of my favorite things to do there is to go wine tasting. On this last trip, I bought a bottle of this Cantina Bianca. It’s a sweet wine – think a Moscato. Definitely my favorite type of wine.