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Running: Races, injuries and grants!

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I haven’t written about my running at all lately and I think that has contributed to this lazy streak I’ve been on lately – only getting to the gym two or three times a week. Yuck. But I did manage 4 miles in an hour yesterday at conversational pace, which I was pleased with since I’ve been so incredibly lazy. Will try to go farther and fit in some sprints this weekend, not to mention the cardio I’ll get during my cleaning marathon for my mom’s visit on Tuesday!

Last weekend during my long run (and my first runat all in a week, oops) my toe started to hurt while I was running. I ignored it because it’s not that abnormal, but the next day when I was trying on clothes I noticed that my foot was all black and blue! I took a few days off and the swelling went down, but it’s painfully obvious – I need new shows.

$60 later, I’ve signed up for the Flying Pig 5k and Little Kings One Mile in Cincinnati the first weekend of May. I’m running with my cousin and we’re trying to raise a little money to donate to the hospice that took suchgood care of all of us when my aunt passed. I was able to sign up through funding from a Girls Gone Sporty grant – I was the January grant winner! I’m so thankful to Laura for choosing me, since it allowed me to run my races without blowing my budget. I’ll use the rest of the grant money to get over to the race from wherever I’m living, but this is my formal and public thank you so much to Laura and anyone who donates to this great organization.

How are your workout goals going this year?