Where Are You, Debit Card?

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Soooo it looks like another accidental spending limit challenge since I’ve lost my debit card and the soonest I’ll get it in the mail is the 18th. Happily, I have my food stockpile to eat off of, some money in other accounts to get gas and other essentials. It’s just bad timing since my mom comes in on the 19th, and since it’s so late today, I can’t request a new card until Monday. I could have reported it today, but my brilliant packing self left the box of important documents (including all of my financial info, like my debit card number) was left back up north because we forgot about it. I did transfer some money over to my ING account, but that won’t even be available until Wednesday. I have some cash for incidentals like gas, but otherwise, I can’t even shop online. 🙁 I can’t even just go to a branch to withdraw money because I have a Michigan bank and there are no branches here.

Plus it’s a good test challenge for me to see how it will feel to leave my card at home to see if that helps me to stop shopping (although I really don’t feel like I do all that much extra shopping anyway these days. At the end of work, all I want to do is come home.)

So today, I did do some buying (Bath & Body Works candle sale and bras at Target, where I used my RedCard) and a lot of wandering in and out of stores. I also go to log 2.5 miles and was really really happy with my time. Of course, that’s on the treadmill, and it’s always so much different when you’re actually running, so I’m going to try to do some indoor track running next week.

And it also coincides with my first full weekend off since December! When I would finally have time to do things like shop. So instead, I’m hoping to get some Blogilates workouts in, a DIY manicure/pedicure, and some cleaning before my momma comes.

How’s your weekend? Have you ever had to live without your primary source of money?