Tune Tuesday: TV Musicals

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I love music, and I love cover songs. (It’s a wonder it took me so long to acquiesce to Glee.) A friend has been watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning, and I joined her midway through season 6. I missed almost two whole seasons, so I had never seen the music episode until this past weekend. (Some of you may have been party to my awesome twitter liveblog session of it.) Today’s tune Tuesday is a nod to my favorite covers from my favorite TV shows.

Grey’s Anatomy, The Story

Glee, Teenage Dream

Scrubs, Waiting For My Real Life to Begin

Scrubs, Overkill

ER, I Feel Good (this is the best thing ever, my life, I died when I first saw this <3) Obviously I think Scrubs used music in their episodes really well, plus I really really love Collin Hay (the singer of both these songs and former member of Men at Work!) so that helps. Do you like when shows that aren’t “musical” feature their characters performing, or are you a cover hater?