February Recap & March Goals

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February Goal Review:

  • Read one book (I’m thinking either Silver Linings Playbook or a book by my best friend’s brother. I’ve long meant to read his work) big fat fail. I had no time.
  • Finish LearnVest’s Career Bootcamp
  • 20 No Spend Days Pass if you don’t count days where all I did was pay a bill. Taking those into consideration, I had 20 exactly. Not great, but pretty good! I’m just not in the business of looking at and changing my bill autopays to fit into a No Spend Challenge. If I don’t go out and blow money elsewhere, I think that’s pretty alright.
  • Run 4x a week FAIL, fail, fail. I did get to the gym an average of 4x a week, but I didn’t run every one of those days.
  • Walk the building every day FAIL. Again. Oops.
  • Secure an industry-related remote side gig FAIL
  • Sign up for two races Pass, but I signed up on March 1, and not technically in February 🙂
  • Take one class a week (four/month) Pass! I’m regularly attending at least two classes a week – one water aerobic class on Saturday mornings (I try to get to Friday with the same [awesome] instructor but it doesn’t happen often) and Bodypump on Tuesday with a new friend.
  • Research cheaper gym options I’m opting not to do this. There are cheaper gyms in the area, and even if I moved gyms, paid their monthly fee and enrolled in one class, even though it would be cheaper, I wouldn’t have the flexibility I have now (currently all classes are included in the $78/month I pay, and I’m regularly going to at least two different classes per week) so it’s just not worth it to me to leave.
  • Make $75 in side income Pass! I made $85.65 this month with three secret shops, two clinical studies, and winning $44.65 with DietBet. I’m considering doing another DietBet in March, but with my mom coming, I’m not sure I’ll be able to be as strict with diet and exercise.

Something else I had hoped to do and failed miserably at was take that Skillshare design course. I still have access to it, so I can still access webinars and lectures etc., but it was kind of a bummer to not be able to do it in real time. That’s what I get for trying to do an extracurricular in a month where I worked 27 out of 28 days. And I did start the process of looking into 401k investments since I’m eligible for company match now, that also led me to update all of my beneficiary info. My aunt’s death was a real wake up call, so I added my cousin as secondary after my mom. (That was a morbid day.)

March Goals:

  • Donate blood
  • Make & keep breast and wrist specialist appointments
  • Try and lower our cable bill
  • Try and lower the interest rate on my AES loans (Wells Fargo did it, so this is worth a try?)
  • Walk the building 3x a week
  • Continue on this path of excellence (haha) and prepare to ask for a meeting with the director about additional duties (you know, the ones in my job description)
  • See what kind of discount my staff university ID will get me with Sprint. If I can get a new phone at a discount, I might just go ahead and upgrade (unless it’s still going to be the $500 they quoted me in January.)
  • Do a LearnVest phone consult and investing boot camp
  • Update resume to get it current
  • Run 4x a week
  • Get supplemental dental insurance
  • Join library PASS 3/2 
  • Finish setting up profile
  • Do another closet cull
  • Car maintenance (oil change, possibly change the taillight)
  • Try some restaurant recipes at home
  • Write a will
  • Make $80 in extra income

I would really like some input about the dental insurance. I have it through work, but have a yearly max that they will cover which is only $1500 (almost all eaten up by the root canal.) Is it a good idea to sign up for some additional coverage for the rest of the work I’ll need done this year (crown, a few fillings, etc?) Does anyone have experience or advice in this area?