Stupid Things I Have Spent My Money On In The Last Year

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I’ve tracked my spending before, so I’m not sure what has been different about doing so for the past few months. But now I see that my money is just getting spent on stupid   ass   things. Por example:

  • Plane ticket for Sixx – at the time, even though I had no money, it seemed like I needed to see him. (I will argue to the death that I did – but he should have helped pay for it.) I justified this as the first of many birthday gifts I’d give myself this year.
  • Plane ticket for Mom – yeah yeah yeah, it’s her birthday. But still. I could have gotten a more affordable fare, which meant longer driving time for both of us, but since she was coming during the week, I went with convenience (and didn’t consider that we’d be in a metro area anyway the day before she departed and we could have stayed one more night.)
  • Plane ticket home – the trip ended up being shortened by that bitch Sandy anyway, and yes it was great to calm my crazy head, but it averaged out to like $125 a day I spent at home.
  • Coach purse at Black Friday – didn’t need it. Was wandering the outlet pretty aimlessly after we got news that my aunt had passed.
  • Purses from Yeswalker – REALLY did not need these. They are alright I guess, but that $50 could have been better saved, or on a wallet since the only one I have (and love <3) is from ALDO, two years old, and beginning to fall apart.
  • Security deposit + rent in my last apartment – honestly there are a lot of things I missed that I should have caught in that lease agreement. Instead, I’m out almost $2000.
  • Security deposit on place I almost moved into – before I moved in with Amy, I found a commune type house. I was ready to move in without meeting anyone, but happened to meet them when I went to pay my deposit, only to find that one of the new guys moving in the same time as me had just gotten out of a psych hospital. Where he was for five years. I have a mental illness, I’ve had friends hospitalized – but five years? I got a creepy vibe and opted out of living there – and out of my money.
  • Sephora birthday haul
  • Clothes I ended up returning – Sixx taught me a good trick. Before I hit check out, ask myself if I’m going to return any of it.
  • Dental work – only stupid because I let it get this far.
  • Concert tickets to see Sixx’s band – I usually end up working anyway, so why am I paying $10 for the privilege (not to mention travel and food expenses)?
  • Replacement phone – I don’t want to talk about it.
  • And if we’re going back a full year – it’s dumb that I wasted money on breaking a lease, that I basically gave up money from quitting a job without something lined up (I couldn’t have just suffered through at least until the lease was up?) – everything associated with that move seems now like a stupid money suck.

A Thing I Spent My Money On That Is Not Stupid: my iPad.

Things I Have Not Spent My Money On At All: late fees, overdraft fees, etc. Basically: fees. Opa!

What stupid things have you bought in the last year?