January Recap & February Goals

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That’s what this month felt like – a big one. Here’s the January goal recap:

  • Blog four times a week FAIL
  • Run five times a week FAIL I got sick (surprise) and the doctor ordered me to stop. I wasn’t getting better because I kept trying to push myself too hard.
  • Come up with a household food budget done, and pretty successfully! I’m confident we can each spend $75 a month and live well.
  • Finish dental work I finished in terms of having the root canal done, submitting paperwork to the insurance company, and scheduling the follow up appointments in February.
  • Do three mystery shops FAIL but I am signed up for one in February already
  • Sell three things FAIL but I did donate a big bag to Goodwill, so at least I’m still decluttering.
  • Look for an industry-related side job Well, I did look… this is the problem with squishy goals.
  • Figure out what’s going on in the AES system I may never know this, but I do know that payments are being made correctly, finally. (At least this month, it was.)
  • Keep coupons in order and sign up for second Sunday paper 

And since I kind of ate it hard on January’s goals, I’m hoping for better in February. We have lots of events and I’m working many more hours, but maybe that will make me more productive at home as well. We’ll see. (And look – I even made more specific goals!)

  • Read one book (I’m thinking either Silver Linings Playbook or a book by my best friend’s brother. I’ve long meant to read his work)
  • Finish LearnVest’s Career Bootcamp
  • 20 No Spend Days
  • Run 4x a week
  • Walk the building every day
  • Secure an industry-related remote side gig
  • Sign up for two races
  • Take one class a week (four/month)
  • Research cheaper gym options
  • Make $75 in side income

How did your month turn out? Are you excited for the fresh start like I am, or still rolling on an uber-productive January?