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tmmI’ve written before about the problems I’ve had with paying my private student loan – that of my three bank accounts, they recognize and accept payments from none of them via their online service. It appears that that may be sorted out now (I am still waiting to hear back from them after the complaint I filed with the CFPB since I felt like part of the reason they were so hard to deal with is that they’re trying to bring in any late fees they can – another friends with a loan serviced by them has also had issues), thank Jesus, but now I’m having problems paying my roommate rent. My credit union said that I could use their bill pay to transfer money directly to her account, and helped walk me through it. I checked on 12/27 to see the payment taken from my account, but it hadn’t posted to hers. When I followed up, the same girl that walked me through setting the payment up told me that it hadn’t been set up to be directly deposited – that a check was cut and sent by mail! The check was then supposed to hit our mailbox by January 3. Today is January 4, and we haven’t seen it yet, so I followed up again.

Now I’m finding out that the bill pay service from my bank is not actually run by them, but a third party. My bank can’t even tell me if I have any recourse if the check was received by someone else and cashed. WHAT? I sat on hold with the bill pay service for 15 minutes before I gave up to leave a message. That was at 12:30, and I still haven’t received a call back or an acknowledgement to my angry tweet.

THEN I tried to login to the Target Redcard (yes, I’m an awful person to have a store credit card, blah blah) website to make a payment, and it was totally down. (This is what I get for not paying it off in-store right away, I guess.) This was at least resolved about an hour later.

In theory, I could buy checks and resolve these problems – but the issue is that I really shouldn’t have to, nor do I want to waste additional time writing, sending, and remembering to mail student loan (or spend money on postage.)

I’m starting to wonder now if it’s just me. Am I somehow entering all these accounts wrong? WHY WON’T THEY JUST TAKE MY MONEY???