Week of 12/9 spending

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Sunday, 12/9: $7.86, ULTA
$15.42, Walmart
$12.59, Bed Bath & Beyond
$6.38, Michael’s
$1.12, CVS
$100, loan payment

Monday, 12/10: No spend day!

Tuesday, 12/11: $7.99, Netflix

Wednesday, 12/12: No spend day! (I did get $22 of Keurig pods for the house, but used gift cards from last week’s hoard fest.)

Thursday, 12/13: No spend day! (I’m particularly proud of this one, since roomie dragged me to Staples on a stressful day. I couldn’t stop staring at all the Tiffany blue Martha Stewart office products.)

Friday, 12/14: No spend day!

Saturday, 12/15: No spend day!

Living at work this week kind of saved me (especially Friday, when Bath & Body Works had their three-wick candles on sale for $8. $8!!!) since we had catering twice this week (and will have it tomorrow as well.) Sunday was my only day off between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I did a lot of errand-running, and I’m so mad that Netflix didn’t debit on that day too for six no spends.. but I will live 🙂 and my goal was four anyway, so I’m happy to at least have surpassed that. My loan payments are so out of whack right now – I’m not mad, because I have the money and at least payments are being made, but I still haven’t called to figure out what’s going on (goal fail.) As far as the rest of my goals, well… most of them were at least half-accomplished.

How was your week? Did you stay on track?