Appreciation Post :)

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I’ve been so crazy busy lately, and after a conversation my roommate and I had the other night, I’m really making an effort (especially on the busy days) to think about things I’m thankful for or appreciate in general.


Katie @ Girl With the Red Balloon: I’d loved her blog and read it religiously, following her student loan progress. I was so happy when she came back to the blogosphere, and even happier that I’ve started to connect with her. Her optimism and positivity through some pretty tough times lately is inspiring.

Gillian @ Money After Graduation: She was my first blog commenter! I was so excited! I’ve been pouring through that blog since I’m navigating those exact problems

Daisy @ Add Vodka: ANOTHER REAL COMMENTER! I’ve read her blog and especially enjoy her grocery budget posts. I’ve never felt like I was depriving myself or eating unhealthy (at least, not since my early early 20’s,) so it’s nice to see someone else on a grocery budget similar to mine who is eating/living well.


My good friend E sends the best Christmas cards every year, and they’re always so inspiring and uplifting. I opened it last night and she’d written me the best message, exactly what I’ve been needing to hear lately. I put it up at my desk immediately today.

Roommates for giving me a great, relaxing girls night last night. I needed a distraction, so we put on some terrible TV (Wipeout! we cringed with every … erm… wipeout), made pigs in a blanket, and painted our toenails.

My boss brought me my favorite Smoothie King treat today.

It’s been so easy for me lately to get bogged down in all the negative things that are going on and all the material things I think I want (or need) so it’s time to really focus on the relationships and things I do have.

What or who have you been appreciating lately?