This Week’s Must-Dos

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  • Clean up my digital life: unlike and un-follow things that clutter my facebook and twitter, possibly even some de-friending (this is the worst for me, but it’s probably time to be done) This has just turned into a passive thing. As things come across my feeds, I unsubscribe, but I haven’t been seeking out things to remove.
  • Call one of the student loan companies and raise holy hell until I can talk to someone who can explain to me why my payments are being applied to the loan which is in deferment and not the one in repayment, resulting in my account being past due (!!! I am so livid about this one I can’t speak about it, but it might be a blog post soon.) I’ve made progress on this. It’s been hard to find time to make what I know will be a two-hour phone call, so I’ve  traded some e-mails. They are supposed to be calling me. I remain skeptical.
  • Find a good spreadsheet for tracking spending Learnvest is doing a good job of it for me, as long as I remember to record cash I spend.
  • Actually take breaks at work
  • Make sure all gifts are wrapped/hidden again, halfway done
  • Apply lotion twice a day (thanks for the idea, Katie!) This is a half-pass, half-fail. I did it at least once every day. 
  • Have four no-spend days
  • Purge makeup collection
  • Update my address with secret shop companies and gear up to restart in 2013
  • Survive a weekend of three shows back-to-back, and then maybe ask for a day off maybe? (yesterday was my only day off from Thanksgiving until Christmas, and while I don’t want to be demanding [because I knew that went along with working in this industry] I also want to make it clear that I’m not going to be walked on)
Lots of things this week, but it seems do-able, except maybe that last one… it’s so hard for me to speak up and ask for what I want, especially since our department director is a woman. I can tell men how things are all day long, but when it comes to being shut down by a woman – that’s harder for me to take. I’m not sure why.