Week of 12/2 Spending

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Sunday, 12/2: No spend day!

Monday, 12/3: +$23.78, secret shopping reiumbursement
$89.78, Sprint

Tuesday, 12/4: $9, Kroger (book of stamps)
$78, gym membership
$13.40, Bath & Body Works
$55.78, Kroger (groceries and gift cards)

Wednesday, 12/5: No spend day!

Thursday, 12/6: $7.72, Panera

Friday, 12/7: $30, doctor bill
$30, dentist bill
$117.20, student loan 2 payment

Saturday, 12/8: $5.91, snacks for work
$291.40, plane ticket
$51.64, Kroger
$25, gas

Total income: $1,021.23
Total spent: $795.83

I just cringed at that total spent. Eugh. See, here’s the thing about having friends – it is fantastic! But here’s the thing about having friends who buy you things for Christmas – you have to buy them things for Christmas. (At least I only have two.) Lots of bills paid, a lot of Kroger trips to buy gift cards and get gas points, and I’m really hoping that this week will be much less spendy since I’m going to Ohio next week. And this reminds me that I need to call Sprint – that bill is about $10 higher than it ought to be. I’m glad I’m starting to track spending again because eugh. That hurts.

As far as my weekly goals, I only had a firm fail on one after my nurse roommate told me a horror story about her last flu shot. So after a month of working myself up to get it, I’m back to square one.