This Week’s Must-Do List…

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I feel like I’ve been all over the place lately between work and moving. I don’t anticipate posting weekly to-do lists for long, but I think the accountability definitely helps, so by this Saturday, these are all the things I need to do (aside from, you know, UNPACK):

  • Make a dentist appointment for next week
  • Go to my old gym and switch home locations
  • Pick up and forward mail
  • Finish remaining Christmas gifts
  • Get (or at least schedule) flu shot
  • Pay doctor and dentist bills, make sure everything else is automated – Federal Loans
  • Figure out a budget! (I can’t decide if I want to call this a success or not. I started one, but didn’t totally map out a month’s worth of payments, but did make progress.)
  • Clean out my purse not sure how much was “cleaning out” as much as “reorganizing all the crap in it,” but it’s done!
  • Track spending