December Goals

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  • D’s cruise is this month – I want to go at least one day without contacting him. (Baby steps!) I did not text, e-mail, or facebook him at all on 12/5! It was horrible and ok yes I did end up liking a picture someone put on his wall… but I did it!
  • Get autopay going on everything and make sure everything is up to date
  • Unpack and settle down
  • Get coupons back in order
  • Spend less than $30 on remaining Christmas gifts to be purchased/assembled – that’s a big fail.
  • Figure out what insurance policies I’m going to take out and make sure that the one I choose covers physical therapy for my wrist, massage, and/or gym costs halfway done. I can’t figure out who to call to find out what my plan covers because I didn’t get any of the paperwork until after I had enrolled.
  • Pick up held mail and change address (again)
  • Send Christmas cards!!

Taking it easy this month. From the Monday following Thanksgiving until Christmas, I have one. day. off. I’m not lying or exaggerating. One day off, and it’s December 9. It can’t come soon enough. My poor roommate (who is an absolute saint for everything she’s done for me) is probably so sick of all my stuff everywhere, as am I. (The first four days I couldn’t even find my underwear.)

Any tips for a painless move-in experience or suggestions on health insurance policies?