Recipe: Lazy Girl’s Cincinnati Chili

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It’s probably little secret that I live for my trips to the Cincinnati region to feast at Gold Star Chili. For dinner last night, I made some chili that ended up being pretty close – the only difference I could tell was thickness and texture. A step-by-step process to the easiest way to recreate the taste (I’ve looked at taste-alike recipes on Pinterest before, but never wanted to invest in 3248 different spices.)

Brown hamburger in one pan, and dump a can of Bush’s chili beans and a can of diced tomatoes into another. Pour a pouch of Kroger chili powder mix over top. Continue browning burger. Realize that you should mix up the chili powder so it doesn’t just harden on top of the tomatoes. Dump burger into pot with the rest, put on low, cook.

Get on your computer. Stream some Fraiser on Netflix. Realize after 15 minutes that your gas stove is going to burn the chili. Dump everything into crock pot. Resume Fraiser.

After another 10 minutes, think hey, I should put some cinnamon on this. Sprinkle more than you think you should. Continue cooking in the crock pot on high until you are hungry.

Top with cheddar cheese and nacho chips and die in chili paradise.