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The Cost Of Moving: Kitchen

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This was probably the worst part of it because you need So. Many. Things., not even counting food. It was especially painful because I’d just gotten a nice dining set when I moved into my last place, so having to pick up a bunch of new things that I will (hopefully) not use for very long was just the worst to spend money on. I picked mostly everything up at Target and Ikea, per usual.

  • Set of silverware, $1.50 (BONUS from Ikea, but not recommended if you do not have a] a TINY mouth or b] a GIANT one)
  • Three cups, ~$3
  • Two plates, ~$3
  • Two bowls, ~$4
  • Two mugs, $.75 (I was lucky to catch a few things from the Target dollar spot at 70% off)
  • Wine bottle opener, pizza cutter, slotted spoon, spatula, mixing bowl, colander, $.30 each
  • Wine bottle stoppers, $.75
  • Small trash can, $.88
  • Swiffer, $10
  • Dustpan, $3
  • Utensil holder, $4
  • Silverware drawer, $.98
  • Oven mitten, $6
  • Measuring spoons, $4.48
  • Pitcher, $4
  • Blender, $1.50 (no kidding, new in the box from Target)
  • Pizza pan, $5
  • Set of frying pan and pot, $7.50
  • Knives, $3
  • Cutting board, $1

I think that’s really all I got to outfit the kitchen. I moved down with a juicer, a ton of Mason jars and a set of food storage, and that’s about it. Not huge spending, but certainly nothing really fun either. Kitchen spending was roughly $70… ew.