The Cost of Moving: Bedroom

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When I first moved, I really wanted to make an effort and track how much I spent on my new place – not including rent or moving costs themselves, I wanted to spend no more than $1,000. (I will start this post by saying that that did not happen.) With a casted wrist, though, it was hard to track figures – when I look now at the Moleskine I did the tracking in, I can barely read half of it.

I also ended up spending significantly more than I needed to on things like clothes… okay, just clothes. (I still haven’t even spent anything more than the $10 I spent at Ulta for the Cut-a-thon in a makeup store!) It was so exciting to get here and learn that Targets in the south have different clothes than the ones at home.

Anyway, I chose not to rent a car or U-Haul or anything and pack only what I could put in my Corolla. Then-bf and I packed it to the brim and only left a small space where a new air mattress box could be put. I couldn’t even see out of the rear view mirror and was certain I would be pulled over.

For the bedroom, I moved only with a duvet cover, comforter, one pillowcase, and my framed college diploma. Seems really sparse, but as I look around now, they’re the only things from home. Scary as it will be for me to see, here’s bedroom spending (approximate and not directly from receipts, so they’re sans tax):

  • Coleman airmattress, $70 (sale)
  • Coleman air pump, $18
  • Bed sheets, $27
  • Pillows, $9
  • Quilt, $27 (purchased a few weeks ago – there’s no heat in my apartment, apparently.)
  • Tension rod, $8
  • Curtains, $15
  • Two frames, $12
  • Prints for the frames, $0 (they gave them to me for free! even had some extras because they had to print them more than once.)
  • Floor lamp, $10
  • Table lamp, $5
  • Set of two nightstand-sized dressers and a six-drawer dresser, $75 (MALM set via craigslist! even delivered into my house by a very cute law school grad.)
  • Two sets of Huggable Hangers, $40 (plus another set I scored for free from a friend’s neighbor who was going to throw away TWO UNOPENED BOXES OF THEM!)
  • Corner shelves, $5
  • Side table, $5
  • Two rugs, $20
  • Mirror, $40

To be honest – the corner shelves aren’t going to work the way I anticipated, and I haven’t used the table lamp, so those two pieces might go back. I also have a set of two stools from IKEA that might go back. The space heaters I have were provided (finally) by my landlord, even though I can only plug one in at a time. He also left me a bookcase, which live s in my bedroom for now but will be moving soon, a futon mattress that my air mattress lives on top of, and a small living room chair. Total spent to move into this bedroom: $386! Which doesn’t seem too unreasonable. (Now begins the “where did it all go?” mystery. The air mattress is getting pretty old – the original plan was that boyfriend would bring my bed down in his pickup at Christmas break, but that’s no longer likely happening. I’m hoping to have the house clean and finally staged to post some pictures soon!

Have you ever moved cross-country, choosing to buy new things in lieu of bringing your belongings with you?