Black & Gold Redux

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I like to plan my outfits around song lyrics (which pretty much limits me to black and gold, black on black, and black leather and lace…) Today was supposed to be black and gold. I love my cowboy boots, and I wish I would have taken some better pictures of my face – call me vain, but today was the first day since I moved here that I did my hair and full makeup and really felt like me.

Black lace: $7, TJ Maxx
Black pants: $9, Mossimo, Target
White tank: $3, Mossimo, Target
Cowboy boots: roughly $70
Scarf: $1.50, CVS
Earrings: $10, Betsey Johnson
Necklace: $3.50 (with earrings), Target

(and hot carpal tunnel wrist brace via my mogo :))