Who Am I?

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I find myself saying that about so many things lately. “I got up at 5:30 to run 3.5 miles – who am I?” “I want some chocolate – who am I?” (I’m the only girl I’ve ever met who doesn’t like chocolate. It’s not that I could take or leave it, I genuinely don’t like it.)

After D and I broke up, I called one of my college counselors for help/guidance/advice/etc, and the thing she kept coming back to was how good it would be for me to be on my own and figure out who I am, which I thought was ridiculous. She told me about her first marriage and how she moved alone to a new city and struggled to meet people and make friends. As great as it was to get her advice, I knew she was dead wrong about D being a crutch – and she was REALLY wrong about it being a good thing.

I kind of get what she meant, now. I always suspected I was a morning exerciser, but I was always having to stay up so late to talk to him on his schedule, which made me need to sleep in. Apparently I enjoy chocolate now and then. Not having him to come home and Skype with every day has pushed me out of the house. I even made friends that I like to have dinner with and carve pumpkins with and feel accepted by.

So, hi. I’m Desi. I don’t really know a whole lot about myself, other than I like to get up before the sun and run 3.5 miles and eat chocolate in the afternoon.