Why juice?

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I get a lot of questions about juicing: what is it, why do you do it, isn’t there something else you could do, aren’t you hungry, etc., so I thought I’d write about it as kind of a primer for anyone considering a juice fast, a diet change, or anything like that. The first time I heard about Reboot Your Life was from a friend last year who (along with her whole family) had great success with the program. I hemmed and hawed about it for nearly a year, but in March, I bought my first juicer. I did pretty well on the program and dropped five pounds that first month, but it didn’t stick due to life stressors, schedules, etc. I really committed in June, along with my mom, still using the same juicer. I’d made the decision not to upgrade unless I was really  going to keep up with it, so when I found a great deal on a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express, we jumped on it. So now, almost two months in, I’m down ten pounds. And I’ll take that – especially since I haven’t been supplementing with exercise, just juice and calorie counting. So with that – on to some FAQs.

  • Aren’t you hungry? No, I’m not. And that was why I was so hesitant at first – I thought I would miss food, always feel starving, etc. But after the first week or two, my cravings and compulsions really decreased – now, I might have a craving here and there, and I do indulge it. But I’m not hungry, because I’m getting the right nutrients and vitamins from the fruits and vegetables. And when I first started, I would feel so full after the juice because my body wasn’t used to getting the right nutrients. I try to eat as clean as possible for my one meal a day, but like I said – if I want a big, greasy pizza, I’ll have a slice or two. I don’t miss chewing food, either.
  • Isn’t there some other diet you could do? Probably. But nothing has worked until now, so I’ll keep with it.
  • Has it changed the way you eat other foods? ABSOLUTELY. Where I used to crave greasy, fatty, really not good for you foods, I now actually need fruits and veggies. The other day I needed raspberries so desperately I actually drove to the store for them. Maybe once every two weeks do I want chocolate, and I’ve really made conscious  efforts to change eating habits: lots of meatless meals, cutting out cheese and dairy when I can, eating salads at meals out, etc. I also drink a lot more water (beginning with hot water with lemon to start my metabolism every morning) and, though I’m not actively on a work out program now – I make different choices, like not parking at the store’s entrance, or taking the long way around the grocery.
  • Is it expensive? While it isn’t cheap, I find we’re still spending the same on average as we were. We aren’t filling the kitchen with preprocessed convenience foods, which end up costing more than one thinks. There are ways to cut costs – eat in season, primarily – and keeping your juicer as free of pulp as you can (we empty 3-4 times per session.)
  • What if you reaaaaally get hungry? If I’m home, I’ll make an extra juice or go to town on some celery. If I’m out or on a long outdoor shift, I keep Clif bars and trail mix in my purse to tide me over. This has really helped me cut out the “need” for fast food.
  • What about vacations? When I went to visit my boyfriend in June, I packed a tin full of these guys. To make them last longer, I only used one in each meal and supplemented with water (because otherwise it was more smoothie-like.) When we ate dinner, I just tried to eat smaller portions. I really plateaued – but at least I didn’t gain. I’ll be going on two more extended trips (10 days at the boyfriend’s again, five days back home, then a week in Gatlinburg, TN) and in Ohio, I will probably make that same recipe at David’s. Because mom is going to Gatlinburg as well, we’re talking about bringing our juicer with us. If not, we’ll bring my Magic Bullet to make healthy breakfast and lunch smoothies.

You can find much more on the Reboot Your Life website. It has complete recipes for juices as well as dinners if you want to follow the plan that exactly (we don’t.) If there are other questions I can answer for you, I’d be happy to help! Any weight loss or health tips that have worked for you?