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I love “What’s in my bag?” videos and pictures and posts, so here’s a tour of my (faux) Chanel!

I got the bag on a resale Facebook group and I love it. It has great outside pockets for easy-access lip products, a place to put my phone, and a pocket for my keys. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Nail clippers and file: a new addition, but a good one since I used it the day after I took this picture!
  • Pouch of lip stuff: this is a hodge podge. There’s a MAC lipstick, some Fresh sugar lip balms, and who knows what else.
  • Malibu Heat lotion: the summer scent from Bath & Body Works. I absolutely love it and will have to stock up once it hits the outlet stores! It’s a great coconut/pineapple scent.
  • BUILT hoodie camera case: I’d been wanting a BUILT case for awhile, and I picked this one up at the Meijer outlet for less than $5. A great deal, since they’re still usually around $10 on Amazon.
  • Little Miss Chatterbox notebook: from the Target dollar spot. It says “Call Me” on it, so I use it as my communication log to document phone calls in and out.
  • Scissors: these don’t usually live here, but we threw them in on Sunday when we headed out to do some shopping. They came in handy when I had to open the manicure pouch, so maybe they’ve found a new home.
  • Blistex Cold and Allergy and an organic chapstick: I prefer the organic one (even though it doesn’t have SPF listed,) but the Blistex is from the allergic reaction I had in Ohio. I didn’t notice it doing anything special. Both are from Target.
  • Burt’s Bees hand sanitizer: I LOVE THIS STUFF! It has a great lemony scent and I really like that it’s in a spray bottle. I got it on clearance at Walgreen’s, so it might be getting retired, which would really bum me out.
  • Sweet ‘N Salty mix: I keep the attached pouch full of this stuff so if I get snacky I’m not tempted by something even worse for me.
  • Glasses: I got these at Target years ago. They’re cute and they work, but they touch my cheeks, which drives me a little crazy.
  • Tampons: for other people, not for myself.
  • Earplugs (also currently holding my Tiffany earrings): with a boyfriend in a metal band, earplugs are a must. I stuck my earrings in the container after we spent the night at a friend’s and just haven’t managed to take them out yet.
  • Pill bottles: painkillers and antibiotics: from the allergic reaction.
  • Kleenex: I have a sniffly nose!
  • Zyrtec: in Ohio when I had the reaction, I picked up a 5-pack to get through the week. When I got home, the doctors recommended that I take it every day, so I got a big bottle and stuck the last single pill in my purse in case.
  • Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer: a backup in case I can’t find the Burt’s or it runs out.
  • Band Aid: just one, and I’ve actually used it since the picture was taken.
  • Pens: a brown Sharpie, a metallic Sharpie, and a pen from our LA hotel.
  • C.O. Bigelow lavender salve: I’m using this to try to heal a lip crack. It doesn’t seem as effective as Vaseline, but it was cheap at the semi-annual sale.
  • Check: from my old job that has been cashed.
  • Mirena Calendar: tracks changes in my body since implantation.
  • Sunscreen: I’m a freak for sunscreen. I don’t go outside without at least a misting, and I keep this small one in my bag for touch ups on sensitive areas if I’m outside for extended periods.
  • Revlon lip butter in Tutti Frutti and sample of Peach Parfait: I got the sample from the Target summer beauty bag and just haven’t used it yet. I love the texture of this! So creamy. Tutti Frutti is an orangey-coral that gives just the right amount of pigment to wear orange every day.
  • Luna bar: in case I’m out and don’t have a juice.
  • Oscar Meyer Weinermobile playing cards: got these at the Henry Ford Museum in high school. Fun.
  • Headphones: not usually in my purse, but I’d left them with David, and when I got them back I just threw them in whatever bag was nearest.
  • Business Card case: from Target.
  • $5.32: not a big cash carrier.
  • Wallet: I was on the hunt to buy a wallet in LA, price be damned. But when it comes down to it, I just couldn’t pull the trigger on the $120 Kate Spade. I saw this at Aldo in the mall there and fell in love, but figured I could buy it just as easily in Michigan and save on the sales tax, so that’s what I did.
  • Car insurance: for my car and my mom’s.
  • Checkbook: I never write checks, so I don’t need a fancy cover. I don’t even need to carry these every day.
  • Bath and Body Works Grin and Bare It lotion: from a hotel.
  • MAC Viva Glam Gaga lipstick: I love the nude lip look.
  • Lip Liner: a pinky-purple. I got it to go with the purple lipstick but it’s not a good match.
  • Sephora Lyrical Lilac lipstick: a great light purple look.

So that’s it! Seems like so much more when you type it all out, doesn’t it? So what’s in your bag?

July 4, 2012
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